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Approximately 750,000 surgical cases use Intraoperative Neuromonitoring in the USA annually, and this is expected to increase as the number of surgical procedures employing IONM increases. There are approximately 3,100 active board certified CNIM professionals in the field, with an estimated  need of over 200 additional certified and trained professionals each year.

To help meet this need UConn established a 9-credit summer Graduate Certificate program in IONM in 2015 and a Masters in Surgical Neurophisology in 2019. The certificate program provides students with an introduction to the field of IONM, a foundation in Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology, and prepares them to enter advanced training and clinical experience. The Masters program provides students with the same foundation and preparation while also providing the students with up to the 100 cases needed to sit for the CNIM certification.

Upcoming Events

  1. Nov 15 Info Session 2:00pm
  2. Jan 17 Info Session **Online Only**2:00pm
  3. Jan 21 Spring Classes Begin12:00am